Consultation and Assessment


Consultation is defined as the act of seeking information; to get or ask advice from; to confer with; and to advise professionally. Assessment includes appraisal and design around program planning and evaluation. Ariel and the Knowledge is Power team have certification and experience in a variety of assessment and consultation areas. Please contact us for further information.

Corporate & System
  • Team Development & Relationship Management
  • Leadership, Vision & Mission Assessment/ Development
  • Threat Assessment & Trauma Response
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • School Crisis Response & Planning
  • Team Performance & Synergy 
  • Suicide Risk Assessment & Intervention
  • Program proposal, planning & evaluation
  • Nutrition & Fitness program planning & evaluation
  • Needs Assessments
  • Wellness Assessments


  • Individual Nutrition consultation, evaluation & counselling
  • Physical Fitness & activity consultation, evaluation & counselling
  • Overall Wellness consultation, evaluation & counselling
  • Career exploration & counselling
  • Suicide Risk Assessment & Intervention
  • Program proposal, planning & evaluation
  • Needs Assessments

* Fees are tailored to topics, complexity and dynamics of request. 
Please contact us for information and estimates.


 "We each 
create our world 
by what we 
choose to notice"

~ Margaret Wheatly


Goal Achieving